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"It is our job to guard the palace with our lives!"
— One of Ambi's Guard

Ambi's Guards are a group of characters from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. They are soldiers under the employment of Queen Ambi. They come in two variations; blue guards that patrol Ambi's Palace, kicking out intruders if they are spotted, and red guards that attack intruders that enter the palace.


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Link first encounters Ambi's Guards in Lynna Village when he travels to the past. They are supervising the construction of Ambi's Tower and guarding Ambi's Palace. Later, some guards are ordered to find Mystery Seeds in the Deku Forest. After Link finds some seeds, a guard spots him and escorts him to Queen Ambi. In exchange for the Mystery Seeds, Link is given bombs. It is then revealed that the game's antagonist Veran is manipulating Queen Ambi and her guards, using the possessed Oracle of Ages, Nayru. Nayru shows dislike towards the Mystery Seeds after she is given them.

Later, Link and Nayru's friend, Ralph, sneak past Ambi's Guards in order to get to Nayru inside the palace. After a brief battle, in which Link uses the Mystery Seeds to expel Veran from Nayru's body, she possesses Queen Ambi instead, who promptly orders the guards to capture Link, Ralph and Nayru. However, the three escape to the present using Nayru's power. After Link frees Queen Ambi from Veran's influence near the end of the game, Ambi summons her guards to help Link fight Veran, but arrives just after Link defeats the sorceress himself. Subsequently, the guards treat Link like a hero, and no longer attack him when he enters the castle.

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