"Kagoron is the mountain goddess's messenger. He is praying at her altar for a stop to the volcano's outbursts."

The Altar of the Mountain Goddess is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. Located near Goron Village, the altar serves as a place of worship for the Mountain Goddess. The Goron's chief ambassador Kagaron visits the altar to pray totheir deity and ask for her aid in times of need. Normally, as the altar is a sacred place, it is off-limits to anyone other than Gorons but they allow Link in as he is the chosen hero and needs advice on how to get to the fire temple. The Gorons cannot send Link to see the elder as that part of the village has been blocked off by the recent eruptions so instead they send him to the Altar of the Mountain Goddess to see Kagaron and seek his advice. Unaware of Cragma, Kagoron and the other Gorons believe that the Mountain Goddess is angry and is trying to punish them. When Link gets to the Altar, he finds Kagaron praying. After some talk, he gives Link the freight car and tells him to bring him some Mega Ice so that they can stop the lava flows preventing them from gtting to the otherparts of the village.

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