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Aliza is a character in Breath of the Wild.[2]


Aliza is a resident of Outskirt Stable. She can be found standing beneath a large Tree just east of the Stable, which she refers to as sacred.[3] There, she diligently waits to meet the hero of legend, whom she is smitten with. Until Link speaks with her, she will stand beneath the Tree regardless of the Weather or Time of day. If Link approaches her, she will preemptively speak to him.[4]

When Link first speaks with Aliza, she initially believes him to be the legendary hero.[3] Regardless if Link confirms or denies this, she will backtrack on her assertion and doubt his status when she notices he is not carrying the Master Sword.[5][6][note 1] Once she realizes her mistake, she asks Link to send the hero her way if he ever encounters him on his travels.[9] Even if Link tries to stop talking to her without acknowledging her belief, she will still make this request.[10]

After speaking to Aliza, Link receives the "My Hero" Side Quest, prompting him to return to Aliza once he has found the Master Sword. Link can further interrogate Aliza about the "legendary hero" and the Master Sword.[11] When asked about the hero, Aliza explains that he appears with the Master Sword whenever Calamity Ganon threatens Hyrule Kingdom.[12] If Link inquires about the Master Sword, she will inform him that the stories she heard of it say that it was put to rest in a forest, awaiting its owner's return.[13]

After acquiring the Master Sword, Link can return to Aliza and state his status as the hero.[14][note 2] She states that the Master Sword he carries is proof of this.[18] As a gift, she gives Link a Star Fragment.[19] Though Aliza is truly excited about meeting Link, her mood completely drops after rewarding their encounter, having lost her excitement over meeting him.[20]

If Link talks to Aliza later on, she scolds him for talking to random strangers instead of doing his job.[21] During the evening, she sits beside Outskirt Stable's Cooking Pot. At midnight, she heads inside the Stable to sleep in one of its Beds.


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  1. If Link speaks to Aliza without any Weapons, she will realize that he is npt carrying any and dismiss him, claiming that the hero is always equipped with the Master Sword.[7][8]
  2. If Link has already acquired the Master Sword before speaking to Aliza, she will discover that he is the hero regardless of how Link reacts in return to her.[15][16][17]


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