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The Album is a Sheikah Slate function in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Location and Uses[]

When Link initially obtains the Sheikah Slate, it is in a damaged state.[2][3] He can have it restored by Purah at the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab.[4] However, she is unable to do so until the furnace outside the lab has been lit with the Blue Flame, which will activate the Guidance Stone.[5] Once this is done, Purah will remove the lock on the Guidance Stone and allow Link to use it.[6] Once it confirms the missing data, the Guidance Stone starts to repair the Sheikah Slate.[7] Afterwards, the Album and other functions will be restored.[8]

Once she examines the Sheikah Slate, Purah notices some landscape Pictures in the Album.[9] She realizes that they must have been taken by Princess Zelda.[10] As Zelda's knight, Purah surmises Link may have been with her when they were taken.[11] She believes that they may be able to him him recover his missing Memories.[12] Due to her theory, Purah suggests that Link go see Impa, as she knows a lot about Princess Zelda.[13]

At Kakariko Village, Impa confirms that the Pictures in the Album were taken by Princess Zelda.[14] She believes that, if Link were to visit the locations depicted, he may be able to recover some of his memories.[15] This initiates the "Captured Memories" Main Quest.

Any Picture that Link takes are stored within the Album.[16] When Link takes a Picture, the Sheikah Slate asks if he would like to save or delete it.[17] If he deletes it, it will be lost forever. There are a total of 48 slots for Pictures in the Album.


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