"By the way, good sir... The outside is crunchy while the inside is chewy. Take one bite, and your energy will go through the roof! Go on! Try one of our Akkala buns! They're a delicacy straight from East Akkala Stable! Thank you soooo much! Oh, one thing to note... Akkala buns go bad fast since they're made of fresh ingredients. So you'll have to eat it here, that way we can ensure its quality. That's OK?"

Akkala Buns are items from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They are a type of edible bun and are a delicacy sold by Khini at the East Akkala Stable in Deep Akkala for 10 Rupees a piece. Unlike other food items, they do not appear as a material or dish that Link can carry, nor are they physically shown at all in the game. According to Khini, they go bad fast because they are made of only the freshest ingredients. As a result, Khini requires Link to eat them immediately after purchasing one to ensure their quality. Khini feeds them to Link, who is told to close his eyes, thus Link is never actually seen eating them.

Akkala Buns apparently have an "Enduring" effect as they overfill a consumer's stamina, giving them one yellow extra stamina gauge. However, occasionally they fail to do this, causing Khini to note it is odd that Link's energy did not shoot up.

Akkala Buns are the only food dish (as they are a type of bread made of fresh ingredients according to Khini) in Breath of the Wild that Link is unable to make himself.

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