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The Akkala Ancient Tech Lab is a location in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Features and Overview[]

Breath of the Wild[]

The Akkala Ancient Tech Lab is located on the North Akkala Foothill in Deep Akkala. It was converted from an abandoned lighthouse near East Akkala Stable, and it currently houses Robbie and Jerrin.[2] The pair of them operate the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab together.[3] It is one of two successors to the Ancient Research Institute, the other being the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab.

Following the Great Calamity, Robbie and Purah discovered two sources of Ancient Energy in Necluda and Akkala.[4] After a game a rock, paper, scissors, it was determined that Robbie would make use of the Energy in Akkala, where he would continue his research into Ancient Technology.[5] With him, he took a Guidance Stone.[6] When he came upon the ruined lighthouse, he decided to settle there, turning it into the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab.[7]

At the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, Robbie focused his research on Ancient Soldier Gear.[8] The Ancient Furnace in Akkala is located on Tumlea Heights, which is on the opposite side of the North Akkala Foothill.[9] In order to expedite the process of smelting Ancient Materials, Robbie refined his Guidance Stone into the Ancient Oven, which he refers to as "Cherry."[10]

When Robbie was 90, Impa sent Jerrin to work at the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab.[11] She took over the duties of lighting the Lab's Furnace with the Blue Flame, in addition to remodeling the Ancient Oven.[12] After some time, the two of them ended up married.[13] They had a son together, Granté, who they raised at the Lab.[14] As Granté grew, he took over retrieving the Blue Flame, but he eventually left after Robbie encouraged him to travel.[15]

As part of the "Robbie's Research" Side Quest, Purah tells Link to bring Ancient Materials to either her or Robbie.[16] This tasks Link with finding Robbie at the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab.[17] When he arrives, the Furnace outside the Lab will be extinguished, and Link must reignite it in order to restore the Ancient Oven's manufacturing of Ancient Soldier Gear.[18] Once Link lights the Furnace, the Travel Gate at the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab will be activated, allowing him to Warp there directly.[19] As thanks, Robbie gives Link three Ancient Arrows.[20] Following this, Link will be able to purchase Ancient Soldier Gear and the Ancient Set from the Ancient Oven, in exchange for Rupees and Ancient Materials.[21]

When Link speaks to Jerrin at the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, she informs him that through her research, she has discovered an Ancient Shrine on the left eye of Skull Lake.[22] This begins "The Skull's Eye" Shrine Quest. If Link returns to Jerrin after locating Zuna Kai Shrine, she is unable to give him a reward due to the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab being short on funding.[23][24]

BotW Korok Seed Icon

In the chair on top of the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, Link can find some Leaves with Fairy Dust. When he interacts with them, a Korok will appear and give him a Korok Seed.[25]

Tears of the Kingdom[]

Sometime after the events of The Calamity,[verification needed] Robbie has left the lab, leaving the place abandoned. It was later claimed by the Yiga Clan and became one of their surface branches. It is used as a depot for supplies and spare Yiga Clan attire.

If Link tries to enter through the front door, the Yiga occupants will recognize Link[citation needed] and he gets ambushed by a Yiga Footsoldier and a Yiga Blademaster. Alternatively, he may use Ascend on a tall hanging column in The Depths that takes him directly inside the tech lab. The occupants will still be inside and he will be taken outside to fight them.[26]

Upon defeating the Yiga occupants, Link finds a Hateno villager hostage inside named Konba, who was forced to make attires for the Yiga Clan.[27] In exchange for freeing him, he gives Link a Yiga Clan Armor.[28]


TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in other regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
NetherlandsDutchAkkala-instituutAkkala Institute
FranceFrenchEULaboratoire antique d'AkkalaAntique laboratory of Akkala
Latin AmericaSpanishLALaboratorio de Akkala[29]Akkala laboratory
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