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Agwanda is the fifth Boss in Zelda's Adventure.[1] She is the Shrine Keeper of the Shrine of Water.

Agwanda is a blob of water who has control over all forms of water, including tears and dew drops.[2] She guards the Shrine's Water of Life, and suspects Zelda has come to steal it.[3] She is protected by three servants, the Kelpies, which must be defeated in order to reach the room where Agwanda lurks.


Agwanda attacks by quickly moving around the room and by shooting bubbles in every direction that spread out across the room. Running into Agwanda will greatly harm Zelda, causing her two and a half Hearts of damage, whereas the bubbles will only inflict one and a half Hearts of damage. Agwanda's movement is rapid and sporadic, making her difficult to dodge. A safe spot exists in the upper-left corner of the boss room where Agwanda will not run into Zelda.

Agwanda is fought a second time in the Vision Henge when Ganon summons the Shrine Keepers to fight Zelda on her way to the final showdown. Agwanda is fought in a similar manner as before, only now she is much weaker. Zelda however must be more careful during this fight, as the safe spot from before is not present in the room Agwanda is fought in.


  • Agwanda is voiced by a male and female team with their voices overlapping each other to create a distorted effect.[citation needed]


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