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Adventure Mode is a game mode in Hyrule Warriors.[1]


Adventure Mode consists of a Map grid, based on The Legend of Zelda's Hyrule map, with each block of the Map containing different selected missions. The Map is zoomed out completely to show the entire landscape. The player moves an 8-Bit Version of their Warrior across the different missions until they choose what mission they want to challenge. Each mission consists of a preset challenge, ranging from normal story battles, to quiz missions, boss rushes and other challenges that differ from the regular gameplay. Missions can be playable as many times as the player wishes. To open more blocks on the Map, other missions have to be completed before they may become accessible. Sometimes a mission requires to be cleared in a certain rank before they may open to the next block. Wavy, black lines on the Map serve to border between blocks, and in order to get to the blocks they obstruct, missions have to be completed around them.

Some Battles restrict which Warriors or Weapons can be used in them. In these cases, it is necessary to have unlocked the Warrior and/or Weapon required for the Battle to be able to play it. Some Missions have special rules attached to them. In the Twilight Map, a special rule is shown as, "No Focus Spirit!", which makes no Magic Jars appear so the warrior cannot fill their Magic Gauge.

Victory Ranks and Rewards[]

When finishing a mission, the player will be graded on how well they did on a scale of "A", "B", and "C" (or "S", "A", and "B" in certain game regions). Each Battle requires Warriors to earn a specific Rank in an adjacent Battle in order to be unlocked, and a large number of missions require the player to get an "A" rank to earn a specified reward; except for Costumes, these rewards also require that their designated owner be the character used to get the "A".

The exact requirements for an "A" rank vary by Battle, but are generally similar. A mission's requirements may include up to three categories, from among "K.O.", "Clear time", and "Damage taken". The "K.O." requirement is 3 for "Fight through the X quiz!" Challenge Battles, and 1,200 for Adventure Battles. The "Clear time" requirement is 7 minutes for most Challenge Battles, and 15 minutes for Adventure Battles. The "Damage taken" requirement varies between 4,000 (10 hearts), 5,000 (12½ hearts), 8,000 (20 hearts), or 10,000 (25 hearts), depending which section of the Map the Battle is in. As in Legend Mode, the player also recieves a Rupee bonus for how well they performed in each category.

In the Grand Travels Map, there are three Item Cards that, when used, activate a Captain Power that increases the Rank obtained after in Battle in each of the three Rank categories.

The overall Battle Rank is calculated by averaging the ranks in the applicable categories and rounding down. Thus, an "A" rank in "K.O." and a "C" rank in "Damage taken" will result in a "B" rank for the mission, while an "A" rank in all parameters is required in order to ace the mission.

Each Map in Adventure Mode awards Medals for completing the Map, achieving an "A" Rank in all of its Battles, and finding all of the Map's Heart Pieces, Heart Containers, Skulltulas, Warriors when applicable, and Sealed Weapons.

Item Cards[]

Main article: Item Card

Item Cards are items that can be used to unlock new rewards or reveal hidden enemies in missions. If the Player uses "Search" on the map screen, the map will zoom in and an item card is able to be used. Item Cards are not always required to unlock a stage, as most Item Cards only unlock new rewards. In some cases, an item card is required to "Reveal Hidden Enemies" in order to play the stage, which makes Item Cards not completely optional. In Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition, an Item Card Shop was added. This allows Warriors to purchase Item Cards which they have previously obtained.

Network Links[]

If connected to the Nintendo Network during gameplay, Network Link will sometimes appear on the Map screen. Network Links appear similar to Link but wearing black, blue, light blue, purple, or red clothing.

Once a Network Link appears, the Battle on the square it stands at can be played for an extra Reward, including Weapons and Materials.

Completing a Friend Link mission awards the Link's owner a "Friend Bonus," of 100,000 Rupees and a temporary bonus to EXP earned.

Other Maps[]

Rewards Map[]

The Rewards Map will be unlocked after completing an Illustration by collecting the 20 Illustration Pieces dropped by defeating Gold Skulltulas. The Rewards Map is significantly smaller than the other Maps, and Adventure Battles can only be played by completing a specific Illustration. Each Adventure Battle is inspired by the content of the Illustration that unlocks it, such as the "True Partners" Illustration unlocking a challenge that requires picking a Warrior to ally with. The Map only contains new Costumes as Rewards.

Master Quest Map[]

The Master Quest Map is included with the Master Quest DLC pack.[note 1] The Master Quest Map provides new missions and challenges, but with additional clauses that limit the abilities of the Warriors; such as no healing, guarding or items allowed, in addition to the regular mission objectives. The Map contains rewards for the playable characters Cia, Volga, and Wizzro, along with new costume and additional rewards for other playable characters. The Map is based on The Legend of Zelda's Second Quest Hyrule map.

Twilight Map[]

The Twilight Map is included with the Twilight Princess DLC pack. The Twilight Map provides new missions and challenges on a slightly smaller Map, as well as additional new Item Cards based on items from Twilight Princess. The Map also has Warp Portals to move to other sections of the Map, as well as Twilight clouds that cover certain mission tiles and give them additional clauses that limit the abilities of Warriors. These clauses can be removed with the Tear of Light Item Card. Defeating enemies in battles will have an increased chance of producing two dropped items, with greater likelihood that at least one item is a Material Bag. The Map contains new "Twilight" costumes for all characters but Twili Midna, several Heart Containers, and six new 8-Bit weapons. The Map is a loose 8-bit replica of Twilight Princess's Hyrule overworld.

Termina Map[]

The Termina Map is included with the Majora's Mask DLC pack. The Termina Map provides new missions and challenges on a Map loosely based on Termina from Majora's Mask, and includes additional new Item Cards based on items from the game. The Map has a time limit caused by the falling Moon which resets the Map after a certain amount of time has passed. The counter initially starts at 3, but for every subsequent reset, it starts at 72. Whenever a battle square on the Map is finished or otherwise ended, the counter goes down by one. This counter can be manipulated by using select Item Cards, and the Map also includes Owl Statues that protect select sections of the Map from resetting upon activation. A new section of the Map can be revealed on the Moon if the Four Giants are saved on the Map. Completing the final battle square on the Moon will remove the time limit, allowing the Termina Map to be completed without a counter. Defeating enemies in battles will have an increased chance of producing two dropped items, with greater likelihood that at least one item is a Weapon Bag. The Map contains new "Mask" costumes for characters, several Heart Containers, and new 8-Bit weapons.

Great Sea Map[]

The Great Sea Map is included as part of Hyrule Warriors Legends and Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition and provides new missions and challenges on a Map loosely based on the Great Sea from The Wind Waker.[2] The Map features several islands where new costumes and weapons can be unlocked.[3] On battle squares containing ocean, character icons appear in 8-bit boats. The Map contains squares with Great Sea Rules, which hinder the Warriors when battling on that square. The effect of the Rule depends on which enemy or obstacle is on the Map square and each enemy or obstacle can be defeated/dispelled by a different Item Card.

Master Wind Waker Map[]

The Master Wind Waker map is included with the Master Wind Waker DLC Pack, but isn't found in Hyrule Warriors. It is an exact copy of the Great Sea Map in layout but with a different starting tile. As well as the Great Sea Rules from the Great Sea Map, the Master Wind Waker Map also has Endless Night Rules,[4] similar to the Master Quest Rules of the original Master Quest Map. The Dark Ruler of this Map is on a battle square adjacent to the starting position, but Warriors must traverse the Map to obtain a Hookshot Item Card to access that battle square. This is the only Map with rewards for Medli in Hyrule Warriors Legends.

Koholint Island Map[]

The Koholint Island Map is included with the Link's Awakening DLC Pack, but is not found in Hyrule Warriors. It is the smallest Map, with one less Battle than the Termina Map, and as the name implies is based on Koholint Island from Link's Awakening. This Map has eight Item Cards based on the Instruments of the Sirens, which can be used to dispel Nightmares and apply an Siren Power across the entire Map for three battles. After each Instrument is used for the first time, an Egg Counter will increase by one. Once the Egg Counter reaches eight because all Eight Instruments have been used, the Wind Fish will awaken, dispelling all Nightmares and allowing the Dark Ruler to be fought on the map square with the Wind Fish's Egg.[5] The true power of the Instruments will also be unlocked, allowing the Item Cards to be used on any square and increasing the duration of the Instrument Power to six battles. This is the only Map with rewards for Marin.

Grand Travels Map[]

The Grand Travels Map is included with the Phantom Hourglass & Spirit Tracks DLC Pack, but isn't able to be played in Hyrule Warriors. It is composed of two sections, the one on the right based on the World of the Ocean King from Phantom Hourglass, and the one on the left based on New Hyrule from Spirit Tracks. Both sections have their own starting tile, allowing Warriors to progress through whichever section they want. In the center of the Map is the Phantom Hourglass, which is protecting the Map from a curse. After every third battle, some sand will fall down to the bottom the Phantom Hourglass. If all of the sand falls to the bottom, the curse will cause all squares to require an A-Rank to progress. When a square with "Final Battle!" in its name is completed, all sand will return to the top of the Phantom Hourglass. In both sections, one square contains a Boss Giant Beast that must be defeated to lift the curse and reveal a new section of the Map where the Phantom Hourglass was. This section is based on the Dark Realm from Spirit Tracks and the Dark Ruler can be found at the end of this section. Certain battle squares on this Map contain Song Stones and the Linebeck Trading Company. If an Item Card is used on a square with a Song Stone, the Stone will blast off, revealing a chest with a duplicate of the Item Card used. Item Cards can be traded for Delicious Food for Fairy Companions that can be used in My Fairy mode. Both of these will vanish after use but will reappear later. Occasionally, the Linebeck Trading Company will run a two-for-one sale, giving two pieces of food for an Item Card instead of one. This is the only Map with rewards for Toon Zelda.

Lorule Map[]

The Lorule Map is included with the A Link Between Worlds DLC Pack, but cannot be played in Hyrule Warriors. It is divided into two halves- the left representing Hyrule, and the right representing Lorule. The starting tile is located in Hyrule on the tile representing Link's House. Direct passage between Hyrule and Lorule is impossible. Instead, the Wall Painting Item Card must be used on Fissures to transfer from Hyrule to Lorule and vice-versa.[6] Both worlds cover an 8 by 8 area on the Map, and traveling through a Fissure will cause the Warrior to emerge in the same position in the other World (eg, traveling through the first Fissure on the fifth tile from the left edge of Hyrule on the bottom row, or tile H5, will unlock the fifth tile from the left edge of Lorule on the bottom row, or tile H13). As Lorule is fragmented and separated by chasms, Warriors must travel through multiple Fissures to access all of Lorule. Also present on the Lorule Map is the Ravio Board, which shows the active Nice Powers. Whenever an Item Card is used, a positive effect is added to the board, and that effect will affect the entire Lorule Map until it is overwritten. Two Powers can be active at the same time. Using an Item Card with a third Power will overwrite both of the active Powers. The Dark Ruler is located in Lorule, and is as accessible as any other- no special requirements are needed to unlock it. This is the only Map with rewards for Ravio and Yuga.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in other regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
JapanJapaneseアドベンチャーモード (Adobenchā Mōdo)Adventure Mode
CanadaFrenchCAMode aventure[7]Adventure mode
FranceFrenchEUMode aventure[8]Adventure mode
GermanyGermanAbenteuer-Modus[9]Adventure Mode
ItalyItalianModalità Avventura[10]Adventure Mode
Latin AmericaSpanishLAAventura[12]Adventure
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  1. In Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition, all DLC maps are automatically unlocked. (This goes for every DLC Map on this list.)


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