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Addison is a character in Tears of the Kingdom.


Addison is a devoted employee of Hudson Construction. A hardworker, all loyal to his boss Hudson.

He is seen all around certain points in Hyrule, trying to affix advertisment signs of his company for his boss Hudson. The first time Link talks to him, he gets started and drops the sign by accident. Addison hysterically asks "Hudson" (the picture of him on the sign) if he is OK as he hurriedly lifts the sign back up before briefly scolding Link. He's under orders by Hudson to put up signs all around Hyrule to advertise the company and considers it a 'heroic' duty for Hudson. He is then insistently left alone by himself trying to affix the sign, without any practical means to keep it up himself.

Link may help Addison by ensuring the sign stays upright without toppling by using Ultrahand to build a makeshift support. Objects cannot be glued to Addison's sign; instead they must be placed in a way that will keep the sign from falling. Once the object(s) are in place, Addison must be given the signal to let go by talking to him. Once he releases, physics will be applied to the sign. If the sign falls down or if it falls in an inadequate angle or position, Addison will lift the sign himself again and remove all objects in the vicinity. Should the sign manage to stay up, Addison becomes surprised by Link's ingenuity. Realizing he must secure the sign before it falls, Addison roots it down by building small supports at the base, permanently affixing the sign. He then thanks Link by giving him a small wallet of Rupees, a Food item, and a miscellaneous rare item. He then heads off to put more signs, where Link may encounter him again time to time and may repeat the same process.

Once Link helps Addison affix all 81 signs, he can be found at stables across Hyrule, enjoying the performance of the Stable Trotters. If asked why he is assuming the same pose he did while holding his signs, he states that it puts him at ease.