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"See, I've been having some ferocious body aches that only acupuncture can cure! Check it out: I'll give you 10 arrows for that bow of yours, and I want you to aim those suckers at me when I leap out of the sea! Yeah! See if you can't peg me with 'em! For each arrow you nail me with, I'll give you 10 Rupees...and if you hit me all 10 times, I'll give you 200 Rupees!"

Acupuncture is a mini-game from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. After Link receives the Hero's Bow, he can play the mini-game by feeding a Fishman that has already been met before. After giving Link the information once more, the Fishman takes notice of Link's bow and asks if he wants to play a game. He will give Link ten arrows and will jump around in the water. Link must fire the arrows and attempt to hit him when he breaks the surface. For every hit that connects the Fishman gives Link Rupees. Should Link manage to hit the Fishman with all ten arrows, he will be rewarded with a Silver Rupee worth 200 Rupees. The Fishmen claim that living in the Great Sea has made them tough, so they will not be hurt by the arrows. They also claim that they suffer from stiff necks, so some "acupuncture" will do them good.

Interestingly, when the mini-game is finished and the Fishman hands over the Rupees, he can still be seen with arrows stuck in him.

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