"A bat that lives in dark places. Usually, it hangs upside down from trees or in caves."
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link manual

Aches are enemies from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. They are blue bat-like creatures, similar to Keese, and attack by swooping down to claw at Link when he approaches. Aches are masters of disguise and are known as the "eyes of Ganon". They occasionally disguise themselves as normal villagers roaming various towns to attack heroes who might hinder the resurrection of Ganon. Some Aches can also transform into demonic shapes known as Achemen.


Progressive rock band ACHE appears to have had a musical influence on Nintendo composer Kōji Kondō. The dungeon music from The Legend of Zelda is almost identical, note for note, to a passage from the "Little Things" finale, which is in turn based on The Beatles' "Every Little Thing". Because of this, it is possible that Aches were named in honor of this band.

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