"Oh, Link... This tiny village that you call home is lovely. Though I don't know if I could live here..."
Princess Zelda
Aboda Village Sprite

Aboda Village, also known as Outset Village, is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. This small village is where Link begins his quest, and is the location of his home, where he lives together with Niko. A station platform for the Spirit Train is located in the northeastern area of the village, which is part of the same structure as Alfonzo's house. At Alfonzo's house, Link can customize his train, using a selection of train cars that he purchased from Linebeck III's Trading Post. The only other building in the area is home to a family of four. There is also a Stamp Station at the northwestern part of the village. There is a young boy who would like to be brought to a place high up in the sky, which Beedle's Air Shop makes it possible, and Link can take him there on his train.

A man who loves Cuccos also resides here. Once Link obtains a freight car, the man asks that he bring him ten Cuccos from the Cucco Salesman in Castle Town. Because Link can only carry five birds at a time, he must make two trips; once they are complete, the man will give him a Force Gem.


The name "Aboda" is likely derived from the word abode, meaning home.

The European name, Outset Village, may possibly be a reference to Outset Island from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, which is also Link's hometown in that game.

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