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A Shady Customer
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Quest Giver Hoz
Location East Akkala Stable

"A Shady Customer" is a Side Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


At the East Akkala Stable, a mercenary guard hired to patrol the area, Hoz, tells Link of a suspicious character named Kilton that has been spotted running a business known as Fang and Bone. He asks you to go investigate and to take a picture of Kilton to show him as well.

Once completed, Hoz remarks that Kilton looks strange,[2] and thanks Link for helping to hunt him down[3]. For helping, Hoz rewards Link with 100 Rupees.


Stage Description
1 A mercenary named Hoz at East Akkala Stable asked you to investigate a suspicious character.

Whoever it is runs a business that he calls Fang and Bone.

If you find someone fitting of that description, get an image of him to show to Hoz.
Complete You showed Hoz a picture of Kilton.

Hoz seems to have a better understanding of Kilton's strange countenance.


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