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"You overheard a fight between Hagie and Ruli, husband and wife. Their daughter Hunnie is sick and won't get better if she doesn't eat. But the thing is, the only food she has an appetite for is cake, and finding a particular cake to please her has proven nearly impossible. Ruli is at her wit's end, ready to even trade her soul to a monster if it means finding a cake her daughter will eat. Where are they going to find a suitable cake?"
— In-game quote

A Parent's Love is a side quest in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This quest can be unlocked by having already bought the Vacant House in Hateno Village and Hudson has moved to the Akkala province. The quest is only available after the fourth house has been built in Tarrey Town.

The first objective is to sneak to the back of the house at night and to listen in to the conversation between Hagie and Ruli. Once the side quest is triggered Link needs to obtain a Monster Cake. After giving it to Ruli, Link will spawn outside. By talk to Ruli again, she gives a gold Rupee and will ask to talk to Hunnie from time to time.

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