Skull Kid (without mask)

The Skull Kid and Link

A New Day is the non-playable day after Majora is defeated in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.


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Ending details are revealed about Majora's Mask. On A New Day, it is revealed that the Skull Kid caused havoc and near-apocalypse because he thought that the Four Giants did not want to be his friends anymore. Link also finds out that the Skull Kid is the same one he met while in the Lost Woods in Hyrule. Additionally, the Happy Mask Salesman gains Majora's Mask once again, and it is insinuated that he may be some deity when he mysteriously vanishes. Tatl leaves with her brother Tael and the Skull Kid, and Link leaves to continue the search for his missing friend. As the credits roll, it shows events that can be unlocked only if Link completes his entries in the Bombers' Notebook; if Link does not do so, the scene instead shows the mask needed to view the event. At the very end of the credits, a scene of a tree stump shows Link, Tatl, Tael, the Skull Kid, and the Four Giants drawn on it; not long after, the first several notes of "Saria's Song" play.

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