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The following page is a list of the names of miscellany appearing in A Link Between Worlds in every release of the game. A Link Between Worlds has been released in the following languages: Japanese, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Korean.

  • Empty cells indicate there is no given name for the particular topic in that language.



Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
コッコよけゲーム (Kokko yo ke Gēmu) Cucco Ranch Enclos aux cocottes (Canada) Avalancha de cucos (Latin America)
Fortune's Choice Jeu des coffres (Canada) Concurso de cofres del tesoro (Latin America)
ダダっとレース場 (Dada tto Tēsu-ba) Hyrule Hotfoot Course hylienne (Canada) Carrera vertiginosa (Latin America)
オクタ球場 (Okuta Kyūjō) Octoball Derby Stade d'octoball (Canada) Octoestadio (Latin America)
ギリギリルビーゲーム (Girigirirubīgēmu) Rupee Rush Rubis sur le fil (France)
Ruée vers les rubis (Canada)
Riqueza con cabeza (Latin America)
Treacherous Tower Tour de l'escarmouche (France)
Tour du Péril (Canada)
Fortaleza interminable (Latin America)

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Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
Dash Courir (Canada) Correr (Latin America)
Great Spin Attaque tourbillon (Canada) Gran ataque giratorio (Latin America)
Merge Peinture (Canada) Fundirte con la pared (Latin America)
Spin Attack Attaque circulaire (Canada) Ataque giratorio (Latin America)
Sword Beam Rayon (Canada) Ataque con rayo (Latin America)

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Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
メイたん "Mapes" Mapounette (Canada) (Latin American Spanish omits this reference)

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