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A Landscape of a Stable
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Quest Giver Mayro
Location Foothill Stable
Reward Tah Muhl Shrine

"A Landscape of a Stable" is a Shrine Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Inside Foothill Stable, Link will find Mayro admiring a painting of the Stable.[2] When he notices Link, he asks if he also came to look at the painting.[3] It was supposedly made by Ozunda, the owner of Foothill Stable.[4] He appreciates the majesty of Death Mountain in the background and the southern angle of the Stable.[5] This begins the Shrine Quest.[note 1]

By heading southwest from Foothill Stable, Link will come upon Tah Muhl Shrine. Once the Ancient Shrine has been activated, the Shrine Quest will be completed.


Stage Description
1 The landscape painting hanging on the wall of the Foothill Stable was painted by the stable's owner, Ozunda, who paints as a hobby.

You can make out details of the landscape such as a volcano and stable. Some of this seems familiar...
Complete There is a landscape painting adorning the wall of the Foothill Stable.

You've discovered the shrine hidden in the painting!


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ItalyItalianStallaggio con panorama
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  1. Link can find Tah Muhl Shrine before speaking to Mayro. In this scenario, the Shrine Quest will be automatically completed once Link obtains it.


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