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A Gift of Nightshade
BotW A Gift of Nightshade
Quest Giver Wabbin
Location Faron[note 1]

"A Gift of Nightshade" is a Side Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


At the Lover's Pond atop Tuft Mountain, Link can find Wabbin and Perda. The two of them are standing on opposite sides of the pond. When Link speaks to Wabbin, he reveals that he is working up the courage to speak to Perda.[2] If Link allows him to have a chance, Wabbin is relieved.[3] He reveals that he became lost and closed his eyes, and when he opened them, the most beautiful woman he ever saw was standing there.[4]

At first, Wabbin thought he was dreaming or that she was a ghost,[5] as it is uncommon to run into a gorgeous woman in the middle of nowhere.[6] It was love at first sight, and so he is gathering his courage to confess to her.[7] Wabbin decided long ago that he would give the woman he loves a Blue Nightshade when he confesses to her,[8] and he believes Perda to be that woman.[9] He thinks that Perda would look beautiful holding such a flower.[10] This begins the Side Quest.

Link can return to Wabbin with a Blue Nightshade for Perda. He will lament the fact that he does not have anything to give her,[11] before recognizing the scent of Blue Nightshade on Link.[12] Frantically, he asks Link for the flower, saying it could not be more important.[13]

When Link gives Wabbin the flower, he will be ecstatic and thank him.[14] However, Wabbin becomes shy when he looks at Perda,[15] and so he asks Link to make the delivery in his stead.[16] If Link agrees, Wabbin will thank him and return the Blue Nightshade.[17] He reminds Link to tell Perda that the present is from him.[18]

Perda is confused when Link approaches her.[19] Link explains that the Blue Nightshade is a gift from Wabbin.[20] Since she can not sense any deceit from Link,[21] she decides to approach Wabbin.[22] Wabbin is nervous because of her confrontation and immediately apologizes, believing she does not like Blue Nightshades.[23] However, Perda reveals that Blue Nightshade is her favorite flower and asks how he knew, accusing him of being a Yiga Clan spy.[24] Wabbin replies that Blue Nightshade is also his favorite flower.[25]

Perda realizes that this must be destiny,[26] so she tells him to speak his piece.[27] At Wabbin's confusion,[28] Perda says that he should say the things men say to women.[29] When Wabbin is still lost, Perda gives him examples, such as "I like you" and "Please, go out with me!"[30] Unfortunately for Perda, Wabbin mistakes this for her asking him out, which he accepts.[31]

Overjoyed, Wabbin turns to Link, asking if he heard what Perda said.[32] No one has ever said anything like that to him before, so he is happy to hear it from the woman of his dreams.[33] He is happy to have been born into this world,[34] As a token of his thanks, he gives Link a Red Rupee.[35]

Perda is outraged that Wabbin gives Link so little after everything he has done.[36] Covering for his mistake, Wabbin gives Link a Silver Rupee, claiming it is what he originally intended to give him.[37] Perda approves of this reward.[38] She thanks Link for helping her and hopes he can be lucky enough to find someone like she did.[39] With this, the Side Quest is complete.


Stage Description
1 Wabbin has fallen for a Gerudo woman, but he can't work up the courage to talk to her. He's asked that you bring him some blue nightshade so that he can have an excuse to speak to her.
2 You brought blue nightshade to Wabbin, who has fallen for a Gerudo woman named Perda—a woman he's never spoken to. He hoped the blue nightshade would help him break the ice, but he's so nervous he can't even move.

Wabbin has asked that you give the blue nightshade to the woman on his behalf.
Complete It turns out that while Wabbin was working up the nerve to talk to Perda, she'd been waiting for him to approach her! The confession of love wasn't exactly ideal, but at least the soul mates are both finally talking.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in other regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
JapanJapaneseしのび草の君 (Shinobi kusa no kimi)
Taiwan, Hong Kong, MacaoChineseTR潛行草之愛情告白 (Qiánxíng cǎo zhī àiqíng gàobái)
NetherlandsDutchStille liefde
FranceFrenchEULe fleuriste du cœur
GermanyGermanSchleichende Liebe
ItalyItalianSilentella galeotta
South KoreaKorean은밀초의 그대 (Eunmilchoui geudae)
RussiaRussian«Скрытоцветы любви» («Skrytotsvety lyubvi»)
Latin AmericaSpanishLAUn amor sigiloso
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  1. Though the Adventure Log states that this Side Quest takes place in the Faron Region, it actually takes place at the Lover's Pond in East Necluda.


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