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A Gift of Nightshade
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Quest Giver Wabbin
Location Faron[note 1]
Reward Red Rupee
Silver Rupee

"A Gift of Nightshade" is a Side Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Atop Tuft Mountain, at the Lover's Pond, there is a man named Wabbin who has just seen a Gerudo girl, Perda. Wabbin mentions that he wants to give her a Blue Nightshade, which Link can give to him.[2] Wabbin is shy, so when Link gives him the Blue Nightshade, he asks if Link can deliever it in his stead.[3] Perda says Blue Nightshade is her favorite flower and asks how he knew.[4] Wabbin replies that Blue Nightshade is also his favorite flower.[5] Perda forces Wabbin to thank Link for getting the Blue Nightshade and Wabbin gives Link one Red Rupee.[6] Perda says that was not enough Rupees to give Link so Wabbin gives Link a Silver Rupee.[7] Wabbin wants his Rupees back but Perda won't let Link give it back.


Stage Description
1 Wabbin has fallen for a Gerudo woman, but he can't work up the courage to talk to her. He's asked that you bring him some blue nightshade so that he can have an excuse to speak to her.
2 You brought blue nightshade to Wabbin, who has fallen for a Gerudo woman named Perda—a woman he's never spoken to. He hoped the blue nightshade would help him break the ice, but he's so nervous he can't even move.

Wabbin has asked that you give the blue nightshade to the woman on his behalf.
Complete It turns out that while Wabbin was working up the nerve to talk to Perda, she'd been waiting for him to approach her! The confession of love wasn't exactly ideal, but at least the soul mates are both finally talking.


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NetherlandsDutchStille liefde
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  1. Though the Adventure Log states that this Quest takes place in the Faron Region, it actually takes place at the Lover's Pond in East Necluda.


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