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A Gift for the Great Fairy is a side quest in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is given to Link by Toren, who can be found at Tabantha Bridge Stable. Toren dreams of meeting the Great Fairy Kaysa that inhabits Tabantha Frontier, but it is too dangerous for him to search for her fountain due to the Guardian Skywatchers and monsters in the region. He requests Link take an offering of 500 Rupees as a gift to Kaysa. If Link has only revived one Great Fairy (it doesn't matter which one), he can use the 500 to revive Kaya's Great Fairy Fountain and return to Toren to complete the quest. However if he has revived more than one, he will have to pay more than 500, depending on how many he has revived, thus he will have to cover the rest of revival cost himself.

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