"Really looks like Link. Link's LIFE increases by 1 when you get hold of this."
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link manual
1-up Doll

1-up Dolls are items from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. These dolls are hidden throughout Hyrule and bear a resemblance to Link, using a similar image as Link's south facing Overworld sprite. When obtained, they provide Link with one extra life apiece. There are a total of six dolls that can be found. As The Adventure of Link is the only game in which Link has "lives", it is the only game in which 1-up items are found. Once one is found, it will not appear again, even if Link gets a Game Over, until a new Quest begins, either by starting a new file or by continuing the game after the end of the credits. Interestingly, if Link changes the color of his tunic to red using the Shield Spell, the tunic of the dolls will also change to red. This may be intentional, or simply a side effect of the technical limitations of the NES.

Once Link has upgraded a stat to Level 8, he can gain an extra life by collecting 9000 Experience and attempting to level the stat up further.

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