"This Spirit Flute is a prized family heirloom. It's been handed down for generations. It originally belonged to one of my ancestors, the one who founded this kingdom. It is my greatest treasure of all."
Princess Zelda
Spirit Flute

The Spirit Flute (大地の笛 Daichi no Fue?, Flute of Earth), also known as the Spirit Pipes, is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. A mysterious magical instrument, this item has the power to unlock new areas of the land of New Hyrule when played. The Spirit Flute can be played by blowing into the microphone to produce a tune and the stylus to choose a different tune. The Spirit Flute once belonged to Anjean, and was given to one of Princess Zelda's ancestors who founded New Hyrule, Tetra.

In all, six songs can be learned: the "Song of Awakening" awakens Song Stones that provide advice. The "Song of Healing" summons the Spirit of Healing, who can heal Link within dungeons. The "Song of Birds" summons birds which Link can use in conjunction with the Whip to transport himself. The "Song of Light" activates certain crystal-shaped switches that shine beams of light. The "Song of Discovery" uncovers hidden Treasure Chests in certain areas. Lastly, duets known as Lokomo Songs are played by Link and one of the Lokomos to restore the Spirit Tracks.

Notably, the Spirit Flute is similar to a Siku, a traditional Andean variation of the pan flute.


The range of the Spirit Flute is B3-A4. The pitches are as follows:

B- Green
D- Silver
E- Blue
F#- Orange or Red
G#- Yellow
A- Purple
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